Our 3 driving principles

Our goal is to turn what is universally regarded as a burdensome life event into a delightful experience, and to bring trust and simplicity to the used car market. We have 3 principles that drive our company forward.



From pricing your car to paying for listings to negotiating and meeting with strangers, selling your car private party is not fun. At Rolling Motors, our friendly staff will work as your personal concierge from start to finish, whether it’s arranging a test drive to prospective clients or reconditioning your vehicle to offering you instant appraisal of the car you want to sell. Your car will be treated to a professional detail service, taken high quality pictures and advertised on top automotive websites such as CarGurus and Cars.com



We cut out the inefficiencies and expensive overhead associated with traditional car dealerships, instead using the power of technology to quickly sell your car to the perfect buyer. By reducing these intermediary costs, we can bring you the convenience of full concierge service at the value of a private party sale. If your vehicle is being financed, we will pay it off immediately upon completion of the sale and handle all DMV required paperwork.



With Rolling Motors, you  know that you are getting upfront sales price of your car. Our Service fee will be provided to you upfront. Your vehicle will be treated with utmost care while in our possession and every prospective buyer will be given a great service and assistance acquiring financing if desired.



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